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So, you want to go into VIP with one of the babes, and you want her to see your webcam?

Here's some simple steps to make sure you get the best experience.

1) If possible, use a hard wired (ethernet connection) internet connection, not wifi. When you use wifi you will lose small amounts of data and this can lead to a bad experience.

2) Make sure you have no other services using your internet connection. Close down anything on your machine that uploads or downloads. Make sure no one in your house is doing anything like using iPlayer etc.

3) It is recommended you use Chrome (Google Chrome) as your browser. Main reason is it will automatically download the latest version of Flash - and this is what you need to get your cam to work.

4) Make sure you're on the most recent version of Flash! (see above).

5) Press the VIP button

6) Press the Two-Way Video button at the top of the chat window.

7) Choose your webcam and your microphone (double-click).

8) Press "Start Sending".

9) It will then say "Sending video stream".

10) That's it! You've now started sharing your video with your favourite babe!

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